Also Means Aligning Multiple Its All About Style

Also Means Aligning Multiple Its All About Style

Week 2 Discussion – It’s All About Style

Learning Objectives Covered

  1. Create and apply paragraph and character style sheets to manage type consistency
  2. Identify and apply the four basic principles of design; Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity


Week2Discussion.jpgRepetition is one of the four principles used in layout design. Repetition is utilized to create unity within compositions. One of the primary places that repetition is employed is within typography. Consistent typography creates a cohesive, professional look, as well as giving the viewer a subliminal “roadmap” around the finished piece. You are already using this principle while writing papers for your classes. All of the body copy for your papers is the same size, has the same line spacing, all pages have the same margins and so on. This is repetition at work within typography. Another principle that is heavily used in typography is alignment. While alignment means more than lining type to the left margin or to the right margin or even centering it, it also means aligning multiple text boxes or images within the composition. Going back to the example of papers that you have been writing for classes, think about when you utilize bullet points or outline formats. The bullets or numbers are aligned and then the text next to them maintains a straight line as well. This aids in organizing the information and creates the visual “roadmap” for the reader we have been speaking about.

Paragraph style sheets and character style sheets are regularly utilized in InDesign to make the job of the designer much easier while creating the cohesive elements necessary for a professional, polished design. For example, the designer of a magazine will set up paragraph style sheets that record all of the specifications (size, leading, tracking and so on) of the body copy used for articles. They can then apply or change multiple characteristics with a single click. Properly setting up and utilizing style sheets in InDesign will give the designer a tool to help employ two of the principles discussed.


In today’s discussion, we learned about how the use of style sheets can make layouts consistent to apply to two of the principles of design, repetition, and alignment. Do you feel that restricting yourself by using style sheets hinders creativity? Find an example where you feel style sheets were used but it is still unique and creative. Locate three places on that layout and tell us what type of style sheet may have been used (character or paragraph) to support a principle of repetition or alignment or both.

Be sure to cite where you found the image that you are using, and the artist or firm name if possible.

Here is a video on how to embed images into the discussion using the image’s URL: HowToPostPhotos.mp4Play media comment. (4:54 min)

For your reply posts, look for other signs that the piece your fellow student presented most likely used or didn’t use style sheets. Was it because of the poor use of repetition or alignment that wasn’t already picked up on? Or was it something else that gave you a clue?

Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other. Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.

Reply Requirements

Per the Due Dates and Participation Requirements for this course, you must submit 1 main post of 150+ words, 1 citation, and reference, as well as 2 follow-up posts of 50+ words. Responses can be addressed to both your initial thread and other threads but must be your own words (no copy and paste), each reply unique (no repeating something you already said), and substantial in nature. Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time (20%) and using proper grammar, spelling, etc. (20% per post).

Week 2 Discussion – It’s All About StyleLearning Objectives CoveredCreate and apply paragraph and character style sheets to manage type consistencyIdentify and apply the four basic principles of design; Contrast,

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