57 Amgood Morning Classmates Week 1 Intro

57 Amgood Morning Classmates Week 1 Intro

my name is Brenna I do want to become a nurse I love warm weather

Welcome to the course! Introduce yourself to the class and share the following: your name, your major, your career goals, and any personal or professional experiences relating to the course materials. How would you describe yourself to others in three words?

Guided Response: Read several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least three of your peers by Day 7. Each peer response should be at least 100 words in length. Let’s have fun getting to know each other!

Kathryn Shirey

Aug 1, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Hey everyone!

My name is Kathy! I am a health and wellness major in my first semester here at Ashford. I am working on my second degree here because I have had a complete change of heart for my future goals! Currently I do the marketing for a wholesale casket company (we sell directly to funeral homes/crematories, not to families).

My first degree is actually in history (which has little to do with marketing, but hey, life happens)! I started my marketing career in an art gallery, but we were forced to close with COVID-19 and I was offered a position with the casket company that I just couldn’t say no to. My long term goal is to open a yoga studio, where I can also also offer health and wellness suggestions for anyone who is interested. I am in the process of getting my yoga teacher certification but I felt that I should have some other credentials as well, so here I am!

I am excited about this class because I feel as though it’s going to be incredibly beneficial and vital information for me on a personal level with achieving my future goals.

I would describe myself as an animal lover, a selenophile (a person who loves the moon), and spiritual.

I currently have 8 rescue animals (dogs, cats, and guniea pigs) in my little one bedroom, downtown townhouse because I just can’t say no to an animal in need. I have been vegan for most of my life and I dislike spending time indoors. I am outside every chance I get! I like walking my dogs barefoot and I live a very natural lifestyle. I live in downtown Frederick, MD right now, so I very much look forward to the day that I can get out of the city and have more space to let my fur babies roam (and to take in more animals haha)! My boyfriend and I are currently looking for a place to purchase that has a small home and lots of land.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, reading, yoga, meditation, hiking, gazing at the stars, gardening, and just being creative in general. My parents joke that I am “bad at being a millennial” because I don’t have a TV (it’s not that I just don’t have cable, I don’t even have a physical TV in my home), I don’t have a microwave, I don’t have WiFi at home, and I don’t have Facebook (but I do have Instagram). Hard to believe I am actually pretty good at marketing!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you as well and I can’t wait to take on the educational journey with everyone! Congrats to you all on taking steps to achieve your dreams. (:

Jason Ayala

Aug 3, 2020 at 12:45 AM

Hello class,

My name is Jason Ayala , I currently working on my bachelors degree in supply chain management. I just finished my associates degree in business at different college and continuing my education here. I am little more then half way done with my bachelors. I work in the field of logistics. My career goal is to become a Vice president in the field of logistics. I am very close to that goal. I need to continue to work on finishing my degree. I currently live in Virginia and due to COVID-19 my wife and kids are still on Hawaii. They will finally be joining me very soon. I look forward to finally being with my finally again. I have two daughters one is almost two years old and the youngest is 7 months. Three words that I would describe myself as is attentive, effective, and organized.

I look forward to learning in this class. I honestly do not know what is instore for me in this course. I cannot wait to begin this

Tiana Friesen

Aug 3, 2020 at 9:57 AM

Good morning classmates!

My name is Tiana and I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness. I would like to become a health coach. I am originally from Colorado, but I currently work as a laboratory technician for a large lab in Kansas City. I am very excited to move into the preventative side of medicine and focus more on a holistic approach. I find a lot of value in medicine but have taken a liking to a whole systems approach. I have worked in medicine for over ten years from the ICU to ER and now I am in the lab. I enjoy solving the puzzles and helping to achieve diagnoses through results.

If I had to describe myself in three words, I would say spontaneous, determined, and curious. I am always reading new materials on studies and diseases. I find the body so intriguing. I love to travel, and I am always up for any sort of adventure. When I was living in Colorado we would always be in the mountains or at the lake. I am determined when it comes to my education and am looking very forward to studying and learning new ways to approach the human body, and to help prevent diseases.

my name is Brenna I do want to become a nurse I love warm weather Welcome to the course! Introduce yourself to the class and share the following: your name,

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