5 Points Please Assignment And Final Essay

5 Points Please Assignment And Final Essay

Your final paper should be a thorough investigation of your topic of interest and should be written in a professional manner.

The requirements for the Final Paper include:

Range in length between eight to ten typed, double spaced pages (12 point font, normal one inch margins, etc.)

Must identify a stated research question you have explored

Must address policy (or lack there-of, if no policy exists)

Must include implications for human service professionals

Must infuse facts with your thoughts or opinions. You need to take a stand and explain your stance towards the issue/topic at hand

Must include at least five outside sources of information. Potential sources or references could include – but are not limited to – books, articles, newspaper articles, professionals that you interview and/or speak with in the field, field interviews from people representing a target population, podcasts, webinars etc.).

Citations should use APA format. For more information on APA citations: edu/owl/resource/560/10/” qowt-eid=”E418″ id=”E418″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10…

Should use headings as a way to organize your paper. Example headings (this is just an idea- you can have others) could include:


Purpose of the Paper and Research Question

Content Headings (these will be based on the research/content that you are highlighting)

Implications for Practitioners

Implications for Policy

Personal Reaction to your Findings (opportunity to provide your voice)


Points will be distributed based on the following:

Is your paper well written and organized in a professional manner? (10 points)

Does your paper provide the reader with a clear understanding of the topic of interest and is the paper topic related to course content? (10 points)

Did you clearly identify and explain your research question and is it explicitly stated in your paper? (5 points)

Did you provide and infuse in your paper adequate sources (and/or references) to support your research question? Is there a healthy of sources? (meaning – you have multiple types of sources) (10 points)

Did you provide your stance (opinions/thoughts) on the topic (and infuse your opinions with sources/references?) (10 points)

Did you include implications for human service professionals in your discussion? (10 points)

Did you incorporate a discussion (or lack there-of) around policy (if no policy exists, is this a goodor bad thing and why?) (5 points)


I have attached the proposal and rough draft. I want to combine them together into one whole essay.

APA Style: Instead of running head, please put Bastien.

Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

Your final paper should be a thorough investigation of your topic of interest and should be written in a professional manner.The requirements for the Final Paper include:Range in length between

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