4 Shannon Del Orbe Week 13 Discussion Reply

4 Shannon Del Orbe Week 13 Discussion Reply

Please reply to the following discussion 100 words one reference each

#1 Shannon Del Orbe-Been

At my previous place of employment, I realized that the nursing did not utilize the assessment tools for assessing the patient wounds or potential risk. Granted it was not a requirement as we had wound care staff members that would make weekly rounds throughout the hospital to manage this area. However, as everyone knows most wound care teams consist of a small group of nurses who may not always available the same day. I pushed the issue of utilizing these tools to focus more on initiate consults and protocols to ensure skin breakdown bundles were implemented throughout our entire unit. As a result, we saw an 30% overall improvement in managing skin breakdowns and reporting potential skin concerns before an occurrence. Many of the floor nurses actually agreed that utilizing the wound care screen allowed for a more focused and detailed head to toe assessment. Given the complexity of wound prevention, with many different items that need to be completed, thinking about how to implement best practices may seem complicated (Dailey, 2017).

One approach that has been successfully used is thinking about a care bundle. A care bundle incorporates those best practices that if done in combination are likely to lead to better outcomes. It is a way of taking best practices and tying them together in a systematic way. These specific care practices are among the ones considered most important in achieving the desired outcomes. Optimally, the daily comprehensive skin assessment will be performed in a standardized manner by a single individual at a dedicated time. Alternatively, it may be possible to integrate comprehensive skin assessment into routine care. Essential III, quality improvement and safety recognize that a master’s-prepared nurse must be articulate in the methods, tools, performance measures, and standards related to quality, as well as prepared to apply quality principles within an organization (AACN, 2011).


Dailey, M. (2017). Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Essential for Improved Wound Care Outcomes and Wound Prevention in Home Care. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 17(3), 213-221. doi:10.1177/1084822304271808

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#2 Stephanie Mortimer-Wallace

As clinical leader in my unit I advocated for the installation and use of the automated drug-dispensing system in the ICU in our healthcare facility in which I am employed. Many medical errors that occur in hospitals are related to drug administration, and over or under charging patients for medications (de-Carvalho et al., 2017). Using the automated drug dispensing system has been noted for its ability to improve patient safety during the administration of medication. Even though utilizing the automated system could reduce the occurrence of medical errors, in the ICU utilizing this distribution system has assisted in medication control, avoidance of drug allergic reaction and dispensing.

Here in the Bahamas, the insufficiencies still existed in the ICU and that is one of the reasons I fought very hard to have the dispensing system installed in the ICU as was it installed in the Emergency Room med. As a professional who has skills in both nursing and technology, advancing technology to enhance patient safety and ensuring optimal healthcare is viable in my duty as a nurse leader, and as the medical community continues to maximize efforts to reduce medical errors, I view incorporating health informatics in healthcare delivery as being optimal in patient safety.

The MSN essential I feel would best suit this discussion would be Essential III. It is important to recognize that as a masters-prepared nurse it is vital to understand the methods of implementing tools and performance measures that would increase patient safety. Mastering these skills would lead to improvements that would enhance quality care and proficiencies at being effective as a leader and a change agent (AACN, 2011).


American Association of Nursing (AACN), (2011, March 21). The essentials of master’s education in nursing Retrieved from edu/education-resources/MasterEssentials11.pdf”>http://www.aacn.nche.edu/education-resources/MasterEssentials11.pdf

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#3 Stephanie Mortimer-Wallace

The most important parts of a business plan are the executive summary, the marketing plan, key management bios, and the financial plan section. The executive summary is a brief introduction to the business plan. It should describe the business, the problem that it would solve the target market, and its financial highlights. The marketing plan highlights and identifies the target market and its customers, what their needs are, what competition exists and what sets you apart from the competition as well as the plan to access the market. The key management bios assist you in demonstrating how your organization will be set up with an introduction to the organizations managers, summarizing their skills and primary job responsibilities, as well as their leadership skills. It is also imperative to add whether the business/organization will operate as a partnership, a sole proprietorship or a business with a different ownership structure. In a business plan it is important to present a business plan that looks different from any other business plan (Dixon, 2018).

Most organizational change happens for one of two reasons: unexpected circumstances or intentional actions implemented to facilitate organizational growth or progress. My business plan for a change would be to introduce an Electronic Health Record System to our organization. To propose this plan for change I would utilize the John Kotter’s 8-step Change Management process, which a process developed based on research and experience. These 8 steps are: creating the urgency for change, forming a powerful partnership with the team, creating a vision for the change, communicating the vision for the change, remove any obstacles that may hinder the change, create short term wins, build on the change, and anchor the change into the organizational culture (Appelbaum et al., 2012). Utilizing this 8-step process will act to guide me as a leader managing the change as well as assist in supporting the process or sequence of steps required to move the change from initiation to completion, and pave the way for successful change management.


Appelbaum, S. H., Habashy, S., Malo, J., & Shafiq, H. (2012). Back to the future: Revisiting Kotter’s 1996 change model. Journal of Management Development, 31(8), 764-782. doi:10.1108/02621711211253231

Dixon. A (2018) Ten Top Components of a Good Business Plan Retrieved from https://smartasset.com/small-business/top-components-of-a-business-plan

#4 Shannon Del Orbe Been

The Executive Summary is the first section of a business plan, and also the last one you should write. It represents the reader’s first impression of your business. As a result, it will likely define their opinion as they continue reading the business plan. After the Executive Summary, a business plan starts with a comprehensive explanation of what the business proposition is and how it relates to the market where a company operates (2020). When describing your business, one should make sure to that the reader knows what kind of market environment the business operates in, but also how it can thrive in such an environment from a competitive point of view. Followed by the operational plan which outlines the day to day operations of the business. It involves detailing all the processes and resources that the company requires for each of its activities. Finally, the financial plan is possibly the most important element of a business plan. This is especially true if the business plan is aimed at investors or lenders. This section includes projections, budgets and goals that are unique to each business. In particular, one should focus on explaining the assumptions on which you based the forecasts, more than on the forecasts themselves.

As sample business plan driven by change would be related to nurse to patient acuity ratio. I would use evidence-based data as well as personal questionaries’ and data surveys by nurses throughout the community on their personal experiences when based on the patient to nurse ratios. I would ensure that I create an analysis with records on ways that encourage minimal patient to nurse ratios will result in productive and safe patient care. It is difficult to address patient safety without acknowledging the current nursing shortage and its impact on practice. The delivery of nursing care to patients is often a team effort in which RNs direct non-registered nurses.


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Health informatics. Point-of-care medical device communication. (n.d.). doi:10.3403/30084272u

Please reply to the following discussion 100 words one reference each #1 Shannon Del Orbe-BeenAt my previous place of employment, I realized that the nursing did not utilize the assessment

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