4 Replies Using 150 Reply To 4 Responses Each 150

4 Replies Using 150 Reply To 4 Responses Each 150

Reply to each of the 4 replies using 150 word per each reply.

1- With all the main players diversified across different aspects of health care and to your point the one main focus should be patient centered on quality of care. How can or is it even possible for all these players join in unison to create a better health care environment. Perhaps it’s best if they stay somewhat fragmented as to not create some large alliance and change the health care realm completely.

2- The U.S. health care providers considered major players are the government, large employers, physicians, administrators of health services, and insurance executives. A key positive is that with all these different players, one specific entity is unable to dominate the entire health system. This keeps all the players on a fairly even playing field even though the government is a large financial presence. A large negative effect is that with all these players acting for their own best interest, it is extremely hard to capture everyone to make global changes. The ability to get everyone on the same track can’t ultimately be a hindrance to the overall goal of health care which should be patient care. “The United States has a unique system of health care delivery that is unlike any other health care system in the world. Almost all other developed countries have national health insurance programs run by the government and financed through general taxes. Nearly all citizens in such countries are entitled to receive health care services. Such is not yet the case in the United States, where Americans are not automatically covered by health insurance.” (shi & singh, 2019)

3- The major players in the health care field are doctors, nurses, and administrators, “Health care administrators, also known as health services managers and health care managers, direct the operation of hospitals, health systems and other types of organizations” (Health Administrator). Having that much responsbility tends to lead to positive and negative side of things. Plus having this much responsibility means they are the top player in the health care field due to them dealing with a lot more then the others. “Unlike clinicians, health administrators or managers do not deal directly with patients on a day-to-day basis. Instead, they help to shape policy, make needed changes and lead our nation’s health-related organizations in a way that serves individual patients by helping to improve the health care system” (Health Administrator). This can be a negative because if they don’t deal with patients then they can’t know what the patients need the most. The postitive of having an administrator is that they have the power to make changes where they need to be which would help not only the patients but the company as well.

4- Among one of the most heated and arguable political debates over the past 70 years has been whether healthcare coverage is a privilege or a right. Unfortunately, there is no standard to clarify either. There is also a lack of evidence to explain conflicting points that make healthcare accessible to some but not all. President Roosevelt attempted to pass a second bill of rights that would include “the right to adequate medical care and opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.” After him, President Truman was unable to make progress to extend healthcare as a right, with opponents beginning to refer to the concept as socialized medicine. There was a shift to accept healthcare as a right, rather than an exclusive privilege in 1965 when President Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. This new legislation improved access to healthcare in those over the age of 65 and extended to women and children. There was an acceptance if recipients were “worthy of deserving” through poverty, age, and contribution. When Medicaid first began, young men were exempt because they were viewed as able-bodied to work and support themselves.

Legislation has fought from both sides of the aisle, to advocate on one and prevent extending access to healthcare on the other. Opposition sites that healthcare is a privilege because of budgetary and principal concerns. Who would pay for such extensive coverage if there was no accountability to put into the system? Morally and ethically, it feels good to suggest healthcare should be a privilege. Logistically and financially, there is no current framework to indicate our economy, industry, and leadership can extend a sustainable right to health care.

Reply to each of the 4 replies using 150 word per each reply.1- With all the main players diversified across different aspects of health care and to your point the

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