2018 Professional Writing Analysisthe Retheorital

2018 Professional Writing Analysisthe Retheorital

Kenise Joseph Joseph 1

Dr. Coaplen

IU Southeast

September 16, 2018

Professional Writing Analysis

The writing that I am most interested in is writing done by medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. I am interested in this type of paper because I have decided that in the future I will become a doctor with a specialty in anesthesiology. Anesthesiology is an area of expertise in the field of medicine that specializes in the relief of pain. Pain, in this context, is the discomfort as a result of surgery. Thus anesthesiologists ensure that patients are free from pain before during and after the surgical process (Chu, Larry, et al., 65, 2012). Some of the writings that I will encounter working as an anesthesiologist include pre-anesthetic assessment, medical evaluations, and preoperative evaluations among others. All these writings have are always written by different experts and have different audiences within the medical practice and are written using different tones and writing styles (Foss, 32, 2017).

While working as an anesthesiologist, there are three types of writing that I will encounter whether as the writer or the audience. The three writing styles are descriptive writing, narrative writing, and expository writing. Descriptive writing is where the write seeks to describe the subject of the book using features that other people can see or comprehend. It usually covers the issue in detail and is useful for people that require directions. A nurse, for example, could write a description of how he or she administered medication to a patient and the effects that the drug had on the patient. This description can be used by an anesthesiologist to formulate anesthesia to apply to the patient. An anesthesiologist can also write a descriptive paper detailing how a nurse should know when a patient coming out of surgery needs anesthesia and how to administer it. While working as an anesthesiologist, I will also do writing in both narrative and expository forms. I will write in a descriptive form when I intend to direct a nurse on how and when to administer anesthesia. Narrative writing is used for reporting in all careers where reports are required.

I found out that there are several reasons for writing in the medical field. Three of the writings that will impact me directly are pre-anesthesia assessment, medical evaluations, and preoperative evaluation form. Pre-anesthesia assessment form is writing whose main intention is to collect data from the patient. Data collected from a patient include such things as allergic reactions. This is expository writing because the information in writing is meant to educate the doctors about the patient. Medical evaluation forms may be narrative or descriptive, and they detail the conditions of the patient. The preoperational evaluation form is written to describe the condition of the patient before he or she goes into surgery. This writing may be done by different experts and may be meant for different experts. The writing styles in the preoperational evaluation and pre-anesthesia evaluation forms are written expository and descriptive forms by an anesthesiologist (Taylor, 89, 2017).

Different types of writing in the medical field have their different structure, sound and tone, and audiences. For example, the structure of a preoperative evaluation form is similar to that of a questionnaire and closely resembles a dialogue between a doctor and a patient. It is meant to trigger the memories of a patient to remember illnesses in his or her family and the allergic reactions that may affect the medication given (Taylor, 89, 2017). The primary audiences for this writing are the doctors that should decide which anesthesia to use for surgery. The authors for these writers are also experts in the medical field. The source of data might be different for the different writing done. The tone is somber and without emotions (Taylor, 89, 2017).

In summary, there are different reasons why people write. In the medical profession, however, writing is mainly for passing factual information about patients and their conditions. In most cases, both the audiences and the authors are medical experts meaning that different experts write to other experts while they also read what is written by other experts. The tone of writing is fundamental because it helps the reader to get the emotions involved. In medical writing, the authors are concise and direct to the point and minimize the expression of emotions in writing. This is so that the person reading it can use it to make objective decisions because if subjective decisions are made patients may be harmed. There are also several forms of writing with each serving its purpose. Expository and narrative writing styles are the commonly used in the medical field. The narrative style is also usually used to write a report about a patient or a medical procedure that a patient underwent. While researching this paper, I learned that writing in the medical profession is very important and that no errors can be tolerated because severe injuries or even death of a patient could occur.

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Kenise Joseph Joseph 1Dr. CoaplenIU SoutheastSeptember 16, 2018 Professional Writing AnalysisThe writing that I am most interested in is writing done by medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. I

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