200 Word Minimum Thinking About What You Have

200 Word Minimum Thinking About What You Have

– Antigone – Legal & Moral Reasoning in Antigone (15 points)
1. Read the Discussion Topic below.
2. 10 points: Create a post that discusses the item below (200 word minimum – posts
shorter than this will not receive points; you may, of course, write more than 200 words).
Suggestion: type your response in MSWord first, then use MSWord’s word count feature
before you copy to the Discussion Board, to ensure that your initial post to me is at least
200 words.
3. 5 points: After you have posted your initial discussion thread, comment on a classmate’s
post. Your response to a classmate’s post does not need to be 200 words; however, your
response must be a thoughtful contribution to the discussion, not a one-liner, like “I
agree” or “I liked your comment” – it should contribute to the conversation in a
meaningful way.
You must read the “Article Excerpt & Lecture: Polis and Antigone” and the play Antigone (both in
this week’s Module), before you can create your discussion for this week.
Create your post, including the following:
 Choose one of the legal or moral themes evident in the play Antigone and discuss how
adherence to this principle resulted in the tragedy of the play.
 Thinking about what you have read this week in the textbook about value judgments (moral,
nonmoral), elements of judgment (ethical egoism, duty theory, moral relativism, religious
absolutism, virtue ethics, harm principle, and other elements), analyze Antigone. Consider
the various themes in the play – expectations about obedience to the rule of polis, the rule
of the gods, the idea of obedience, gender, the idea of ruler and subjects, moral “human”
law vs. “divine” law, etc. – as you draw parallels about morality and legal reasoning. Be
sure to relate your reasoning on at least one moral or legal principle that you’ve read about
in our textbook this week!
 Your post will be in the form of a well-written paragraph (note the 200 word minimum above;
however, you can always write more than the minimum).

“Polis and Tragedy in the Antigone”
The excerpt below is from “Polis and Tragedy in the
Antigone,” an article by Philip Holt (1999). In this
excerpt, Holt exams the issue of Creon’s legal right to
forbid the burial of Polynice’s body and discusses the
relationship between the polis (city/government)
and the Greek citizenry. As you read this excerpt,
weight Holt’s presentation against the convictions
you developed about Creon, Antigone, and other
characters in the play. Try to think about how a
Greek citizen might feel about the characters and the
play. Think about the differences between how a
member of the Greek citizenry felt about polis and
how 21st century Americans might view this kind of
governmental control.
Holt, Philip. “Polis and Tragedy in the Antigone. ” Digital
%20Antigone.pdf, Accessed 10 Aug. 2016.
(The excerpt begins on the next

Note: We will be skipping this chapter’s section on Aesthetic Reasoning.**
Read: p. 390-395
Do: Exercises 12-1, 12-2, 12-3
Read: 397-403
Do: Exercise 12-4
Read: p. 406; 410-413
Read: Article Excerpt & Lecture: Polis and Antigone (in this week’s Module)
Read: Antigone by Sophocles (full-text play) (in this week’s Module)
Post: Legal & Moral Reasoning in Antigone (Discussions tab)
Course Paper: Reading Material
Read the Course Paper instructions (Assignments tab)
Submit Outline
Read the outline instructions and submit the paper outline (Assignments tab)
Rough Draft – Course Paper: Legal and Moral Reasoning
Write the rough draft
Set up online tutoring appointment (tutoring form in Modules tab)
Save the tutoring feedback to submit with your revised essay (due next week)

– Antigone – Legal & Moral Reasoning in Antigone (15 points) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read the Discussion Topic below. 2. 10 points: Create a post that discusses the item below (200

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