2 Point Comments May Sop3004 Module 1 Chapter 2

2 Point Comments May Sop3004 Module 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Discuss the “Becoming Barbie” video with your discussion group (click the link in the chapter on The Self for this video, or you can find it in the video folder at the bottom of the homepage). Think about how Cindy Jackson would define her own sense of self. In your discussion, concentrate on at least THREE of the following questions: 1). How many “possible selves” do you think she has? 2). How do you think she developed that particular sense of self? 3). How does the American culture and her own self-esteem influence her idea of self? 4). Does she have good self-control? 5). How does Cindy use self-presentation strategies? This video was from the late 1990’s, and Cindy has had even more operations since then. In fact, there is even new male version who—inspired by Cindy’s story—reinvented himself as “Ken”. In our present culture, do you think such surgeries are more acceptable? I’ve heard stories of mothers giving their pre-teen daughter coupons for breast augmentation surgery! How odd is that! If you want to see what Cindy is doing today, please visit her website at http://www.cindyjackson.com/ (Links to an external site.)

Discussion Grading Rubrics


Each student will engage in a discussion board for each chapter and answer a question posed by the instructor regarding material covered that week. Students will leave a minimum of two comments, including an initial comment (up to 8 points) that fully answers that weeks’ question as well as a follow-up comment (up to 2 points) that responds to the initial comment of at least one other group member. My suggestion is to have at least one sentence per point (that is, 8 initial sentences minimum and 2 follow-up sentences minimum). This won’t guarantee you all 10 points, but it is a good rule of thumb. See the last page for a very good discussion example from a prior student!

Discussion Grading Rubrics



10 points


The comment is accurate, original, relevant, teaches us something new, fully answers the weekly discussion question, and is well written. 10 point comments add substantial learning presence to the course and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion. It incorporates both personal knowledge and opinions as well as draws on concepts introduced in the textbook and powerpoint slides to fully justify those personal opinions.

8-9 points

Above Average

The comment lacks at least one of the above qualities but is above average in quality. A 9 point comment makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issue being discussed. An 8 point comment has grammar and readability issues but is otherwise similar to the 9 point comment

6-7 points


The comment lacks 2 or 3 of the required qualities. Comments that focus only upon personal opinion or personal experience often fall within this category. Personal viewpoints are welcome in discussions, but the comment should also include information relevant to the chapter being discussed. That is, the comment incorporates definitions, theories, or concepts introduced in the book chapter and powerpoint slides. A 7 point comment has better grammar and is more readable than a 6 point comment

4-5 points


The comment presents little or no new information and answers only a few of the topics proposed in the discussion. However, 1 to 2 point comments may provide important social presence and contribute to a collegial atmosphere. A 5 point comment has better grammar and is more readable than a 4 point comment

2-3 points

Below average

The comment adds very little value to the discussion, answering only one minor facet of the question. A 3 point comment has better grammar and is more readable than a 2 point comment

0-1 point


A comment is missing or late (0 points), or adds no value to the discussion, but there the student did write something (1 point). All comments must be made no later than 10:00 pm on the due date to receive even the 1 point


  1. SUBSTANTIAL: Messages should relate to the subject matter and provide information, opinions or questions about that subject matter. They may relate the subject matter to something personal, but they should remain academic in their focus.
  2. CONCISE: Studies have shown that messages that are several screens long do not get many replies. To write an effective message, attempt to use a single screen if possible. Try to get the point and focus of your message across so that it is clear what you are saying.
  3. PROVOCATIVE: The discussion board is an interactive medium. The more interaction there is between students the better. A good message is one that prompts others to reply or object. A focused and pointed message that produces replies from other learners in that class in moving the discussion forward is having an impact on the learning environment.
  4. HERMENEUTICAL: The discussion board is a place where ideas are interpreted and language is explored. To be hermeneutical is to interpret. A good message should explore, explain, or expand on a concept or connection. The message should not simply state something, but rather expand upon an idea.
  5. TIMELY: A good message appears in the context of similar messages in the message log. If you get on irregularly, your message will appeal late and out of context with what is currently happening on the board. Log on regularly and reply to messages in a timely fashion.
  6. LOGICAL: A good message that is not a question should contain a logical argument. This means is should contain a clearly stated conclusion of thesis supported by premises, reason, evidence or grounds of belief.
  7. GRAMMATICAL: A good, clear, concise message should be well-written and free of typos and sentence fragments.

Chapter 2: Discuss the “Becoming Barbie” video with your discussion group (click the link in the chapter on The Self for this video, or you can find it in the

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