12 Pt Times Argumentative Paper On Vaccinations

12 Pt Times Argumentative Paper On Vaccinations

Writing Project 3: Argument Paper
For your third paper, you will be asked to take a stand on an issue about which you feel
strongly. The purpose of writing will be to persuade your readers to seriously consider your point
of view and to embrace all or part of it. In order to develop your point of view in a unique and
meaningful manner, you are also required to research your topic and make use of at least six
sources, one of which must come from a database.
Again, you will need to incorporate your reading experiences into your paper. The articles you
read need to be analyzed and paraphrased in such a way as to support and enhance your own
point of view. I am not looking for a slew of quotations strung together; rather, the purpose of
this assignment is to use the sources to support and lend credibility to your ideas. You simply
need to persuasively voice your ideas and opinions with the aid of some thoughtful research.
What kind of reader should you target for this assignment? For starters, those who disagree with
you. Within this audience, however, you need to narrow your focus to those who are somehow
ripe for persuasion. Many of us struggle with conflicting views when contemplating
controversial and complex issues; your task is to alleviate some of your readers’ confusion with
your arguments and research. Please discuss counter-arguments or opposing positions,
commenting on what you find problematic about the opposing side’s line of reasoning. Finally,
your paper should alter your readers’ preconceived notions about the topic, just as the texts you
explored in researching the topic in some way altered your own.
Some particulars of this assignment:
Length: 7-8 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font
Works Cited: an alphabetized summary of sources is required; maintain MLA conventions

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use this format when writing: I put link below.


Writing Project 3: Argument Paper For your third paper, you will be asked to take a stand on an issue about which you feel strongly. The purpose of writing will

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