12 Point Times New Research Project

12 Point Times New Research Project

DUE:June 23, 2018 no later than 11:59 PM. Project will be submitted via SAFEASSIGN.

LENGTH:Between 10-12 pages double-spaced. This does not include cover sheet, tables, charts, appendices or reference section.

FORMAT:1” margins on top, bottom, and sides; 12 point Times New Roman or similar type.

VALUE:20% of your course grade and of inestimable value in the learning process.
  • TOPIC:You can prepare this report on a marketing related topic of your choice, preferably related to something in the area of social media and digital analytics. An example could be “how have Google Analytics impacted the world of marketing research”. It should provide a synthesis of information from a minimum of ten to fifteen different sources. I would like for you to provide me with your topics no later than May 18th. I will review them for suitability and difficulty. I have provided you with a list of approved topics. You can find it in the Course Content section in the Blackboard site for the class. You may choose a topic other than those listed but I must approve it first.

2.CONTENT: Your project should include both of the following components: It is my belief that the better projects will incorporate both in a seamless manner. Excellent work will be rewarded in any event.

  • Prepare a literature review of articles that discuss the topic that you are interested in.A literature review reports on what other authors have to say about a particular topic.
  • Report on some secondary data relating to your topic (i.e., Statistical data from Washington D.C., etc.)

3.SOURCES:Sources for this project may include books, journal articles, web sites, etc.

  • The databases most likely to provide journal articles that cover your topic are ABI-Inform and The Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, but the entirety of the Aladin data base set may be helpful. Check out other databases, such as government documents, which may be available through the Georgetown University library since there may be other useful sources, depending on your topic.
  • The library has many resources, including:
    • Web page on using the World Wide Web to find sources.
    • Web page with useful information on its resources.
    • Catalogue of all books available in the Georegtown library.
  • Make sure that if you cite only authoritative web sources.When evaluating websites to determine whether they are authoritative, try these credibility tests.

topics :-

1.How does the Family Life Cycle Affect the way firms market to their customers?

2.How have the developments in social media and digital analytics affected the way firms have marketed?

3.How many subcultures are there in the DVM area? How can a firm go about targeting these subcultures? Should they try to or should they pursue a one size fits all strategy.

4.How has the use of Google Analytics impacted the world of marketing research?

5.How would you design curriculum that prepares you for the kind of jobs we saw in the Marketing Jobs Discussion?

6.What do you think we should brand UDC as? And then, how could we best market that brand?

7.Has social media helped make word-of-mouth the best form of marketing?

8.How effective is personal branding?

9.How would you market the UDC School of Business?

10.With minorities expected to become the majority in the US is now the time to stop multicultural marketing?

11.Can marketing be used to change the outcomes of poverty?

DUE:June 23, 2018 no later than 11:59 PM. Project will be submitted via SAFEASSIGN. LENGTH:Between 10-12 pages double-spaced. This does not include cover sheet, tables, charts, appendices or reference section.

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