1 Presentation Paragraphs 1 Psychological Horror

1 Presentation Paragraphs 1 Psychological Horror

Please help me to improve and complete my existing essay, correct grammatical errors, incoherent sentences, and emphasize topics. Strengthen thesis and arguments.

Exhibit: Split (2016 American psychological horror film)

Directed byM. Night Shyamalan

Distributed byUniversal Pictures

Source 1:

Dissociative identity disorder is nothing like how it’s portrayed in ‘Split,’ according to people who have it

Dodgson, Lindsay. “Dissociative Identity Disorder is Nothing Like how it’s Portrayed in ‘Split,’ According to People Who have it.” Business Insider, Jan 10, 2019. ProQuest,


The Final Draft Expectations: 6 paragraphs total at least.

The final draft must be between 1600 and 1800 words

2 Introduction paragraphs where you introduce your exhibit/give background on your exhibit. Most importantly: Provide a clear thesis statement.

3 Body paragraphs where you engage with ONE Source in terms of your exhibit. This should show CLEAR engagement with PAS.

1 Presentation Paragraphs

1 Analysis Paragraphs

1 Synthesis Paragraphs

1 Conclusion paragraph in which you identify further points you could discuss if you wanted to expand this paper.

Use a variety of contextual, theoretical, and argument sources to produce an insightful argument about the meaning, function, and significance of a specific “monstrous” element of a film of your selection. You should aim to explore a specific interpretive or intellectual problem evident in the film by closely analyzing the film itself and critically engaging with existing arguments about the film and theoretical “conversations” related to the film. Your essay should show familiarity with the work of experts and all sources should be documented using the MLA in-text citation method. A strong essay of this sort typically draws on no fewer than two (2) sources.

In other words, you will be attempting an “intellectual review” of your selected film. To do so, you will need to situate your review within at least three contexts:

the socio-historical context i.e. you must consider the sociopolitical and historical factors that contribute to the exhibit’s popularity (or unpopularity).

the generic context i.e. you must evaluate the exhibit within the conventions of the particular genres that define it.

the existing map of opinion i.e. you must critically engage existing ideas about your exhibit in order to develop your own original viewpoints.

Continue to work on the goals from the first two assignments:

use the introduction to orient the reader and identify an intellectual problem embodied in an appropriate exhibit; formulate a strong main claim;

establish a clear motive;

maintain a coherent structure;

support your argument with evidence and reasons;

write in a fluent and clear style;

smoothly integrate argument and theoretical sources;

explain key terms;

offer an interesting and informative title.

Contextualize your exhibit by using sources to frame it within:

a specific socio – historical context

a specific genre, class, or trend

a specific debate or scholarly conversation

Make sure that the stance of your argument is clear—that readers know where your essay stands in the existing conversation(s) about your exhibit.

Analyze pertinent aspects of your exhibit(s) in order to draw cogent conclusions. Offer an analysis of argument and theoretical sources, interpreting their central claims, evaluating their arguments, and explaining their significance in terms of your own claim.

Reflect on and complicate your argument: consider counter evidence, counter- interpretations, counterarguments, anomalies, and draw out implications.

Have an intriguing and informative title.

Adhere to all relevant formatting guidelines described in the course syllabus.


my formal draft

Among the many horror movie themes, horror themes about people with mental illness have always been very popular among directors and audiences. For example, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and schizophrenia can basically find corresponding representative movies. The 2016 American psychological horror movie Split is one of them. The film tells about a man with 24 different personalities who kidnapped and imprisoned three girls in an isolated underground facility. Through the film, the audience shows the conflict and coexistence of multiple personalities, and emphasizes that the production of multiple personalities is closely related to childhood trauma, especially sexual assault. When suffering a heavy injury that is difficult to cope with, patients with multiple personalities use a “empty” approach to achieve the feeling that “this incident did not happen to me”. In other way, Split reveals more of the painful past experienced behind multiple personalities, whether it is the male protagonist who chose to escape because of his mother’s abuse when he was a child, and then burst out other personalities to face the world instead of himself. She was sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was a child. After the death of her father, she suffered from abuse and developed an independent and withdrawn character. After all, she was lonely. Too lonely! No one in this world can understand me! No one wants to see me and understand me! Then I will live in the world of my own creation!

The plot of the film is a fascinating development. Casey is a strange girl who is incompatible with her peers. One day, after attending a classmate’s birthday party, she and her classmates Claire and Marcia are going to drive home together. Attacks and kidnappings of mysterious men. The three were imprisoned in a dark and gloomy basement. The kidnapper of the three girls was a man named Kevin. In fact, he was a patient with multiple personalities. In addition to his main personality, Kevin, he had 23 other personalities. The main personality roles are as follows: The girl who captured the girls at the beginning of the movie was the personality of asceticism plus obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness-Dennis. Elegant woman-Mrs. Patricia. 9-year-old boy-Hedwig. There is also an extrovert-led fashion personality-Barry. Each personality forms a kind of closed protection for himself. Most of the time, these personalities are harmless. But Kevin’s 24th personality is slowly taking shape. This personality is strong, evil, and cruel, and it is not an ordinary human, but a “monster” in a sense. In the end, the personality of the “monster” awakened and brutally killed Claire, Marcia, and Dr. Karen Fletcher who helped him mentally heal. The latter part of the movie reveals the childhood experience of the actor Kevin. Kevin’s mother is a very irritable person, and will abuse him because of small things at every turn. Because of this, she split Kevin out of Dennis, a personality with obsessive-compulsive disorder. And the heroine Casey, because of being sexually assaulted by her uncle who is also the legal guardian when she was a child, she has developed a withdrawn and incompatible character. When Kevin saw the scar on Casey’s body, he understood that the other party had experienced suffering and despair just like him. In Kevin’s heart, those who have never suffered are unclean souls, so he killed two other girls. And Casey had been baptized by suffering, so her soul was pure, and finally chose to let her go.

*1 Presentation Paragraphs

Scholars have been arguing about DID for a long time, with mixed praise and criticism. Among them, Lindsay Dodgson stated in her article on Dissociative identity disorder that her views may reflect most people’s understanding of DID. In her article she wrote: “suggesting the human body can adjust itself biologically to fit a dangerous and psychopathic alter.”

“DID is formally recognized as a psychiatric diagnosis, and the patient must show at least two individual identities or personalities, which routinely take control of the individual’s behavior.”

Several studies have found a relationship between childhood trauma and dissociation,

Then, she cited 4 examples to prove her argument.

The first one, Jennifer’s* story. description

The second example, Rich’s story. description

The third example, Drew’s story. description

Finally, Jess’s story. description

Lindsay Dodgson’s conclusion

*2 Analysis Paragraphs

Several personalities split by the male protagonist in the film are discussed from the perspective of psychology. Dennis, cleanliness obsessive-compulsive disorder –The male protagonist was violently persecuted by his mother when he was a child, demanding that he must be perfect in doing things, and he must be punished if there are mistakes, so as to generate several personalities that the male compulsively split in the film. Patricia Madam -the hero’s ideal “good mother”, graceful, virtuous and good-tempered, completely opposite to the stormy mother in reality. The personality of “Catering to Mom” this was dictated by Dennis and the psychiatrist. This is a typical compensation psychology: the more violent the mother in reality, the more eager to have a gentle and beautiful mother. Hedwig, little boy -the protagonist “inner child”: he hopes to grow up to kiss with the Casey and his sexual consciousness awakens, hopes not to be rejected by “adults” anymore the line says that other personalities are always suspected he got into trouble, even willing to take the initiative to hand over the power of his body to an “adult” Dennis personality, Patricia personality, but it was useless. He was still a weak, injured, and unrecognized little boy. , Become a childhood injured by the male protagonist and not loved by adults. Barry, a costume designer who communicates with a psychologist -Outgoing personality, creative, but has a tendency to “performance-type personality” in his speech and behavior, and desires to be appreciated and recognized by others always show the painting to the psychologist, physical Rich in language , this is also a kind of compensation psychology: through a talented and extroverted personality, it is impossible to compensate for a childhood that is always underestimated, looked down upon, low self-esteem, and has a very low sense of self-worth children grown up under harsh abuse by their mothers are impossible have a high sense of self-esteem and high value . Jade personality who sent a lot of emails to people’s psychologists -the protagonist’s inner panic, helplessness, and fear of being completely dominated by other personalities. Domination means destruction, so he can only ask the outside world for help. Kevin fell asleep in 14 years, only waking up when I explained the position of the gun -My gloomy childhood and special circumstances gave rise to more than 20 personalities, but as a master, he can no longer control and drive his body, instead, he was caught by monsters. Rock climbing, blasting green tendons, supernatural power -Ignore the question of whether the supernatural power is exaggerated, just talk about the image itself. Monsters are the “most” powerful, and being strong means that they can no longer be hurt by others, they can protect themselves, and they can even eat people who are unclean that is, those who have not gone through suffering and wounds. There is nothing more than this. When a person’s childhood trauma is unforgettable, and this kind of wound is brought by a loved one, then the pain reaches its limit and it will evolve into a strong cold-blooded one: since others always demand and hurt themselves, the only thing The only person who can protect himself is himself, even if he does not hesitate to be ashamed, he must live as hard as an animal.

*3 Synthesis Paragraphs

Conclusion paragraph

Please help me to improve and complete my existing essay, correct grammatical errors, incoherent sentences, and emphasize topics. Strengthen thesis and arguments. Exhibit: Split (2016 American psychological horror film) Directed

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