List 4 best predictors of late-onset generalized anxiety disorder

Address the following Short Answer prompts for your Assignment.

Be sure to include references to the Learning Resources for this week.

late onset generalized anxiety disorder

In 3 or 4 sentences, explain the appropriate drug therapy for a patient who presents with MDD and a history of alcohol abuse.

Which drugs are contraindicated if any, and why?

Be specific. What is the timeframe that the patient should see the resolution of symptoms?

List 4 predictors of late-onset generalized anxiety disorder.

List 4 potential neurobiology causes of psychotic major depression.

An episode of major depression is defined as a period of time lasting at least 2 weeks.

List at least 5 symptoms required for the episode to occur. Be specific.

List 3 classes of drugs, with a corresponding example for each class, that precipitate insomnia.

generalized anxiety disorder

Be specific.

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