How did the Israelites Obey God – 3 profound lessons we learn from them


Israelites : Based on the TBP video “Ezra & Nehemiah:”Write a 600-1000 word essay based on the questions below.  

Be sure to write your essay in a Word document with the name of the assignment and your name at the top of the page.  Please include the questions in your document with your answers after each question.

Attach your word document. The video shows how the structure of these books, which summarize the Return from Exile history, are focused on 3 main leaders, and the same 3-part outline. 

Summarize who each leader was, which Persian King sanctioned their , work, what type of opposition each one faced, what  their main objectives or accomplishments  were, and what was the anticlimax for each of them.

The video lists the prophetic hopes for Israel after Exile.  List those hopes  The books of Ezra and Nehemiah make it clear that these hopes were not accomplished during this Post Exile period

The book seems to end in a depressing way.  According to the end of the video, what was the core problem of the Israelites and what needs to happen for the people to obey God in the future? 

According to Christians, how has this been accomplished?

Israeli flag in wind
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