The Epistles of Paul : In 5 best ways describe Paul’s background history, origins, and upbringing.

Read the assigned readings from the textbooks: The Epistles Of Paul – Lutheran Bible Commentary (LBC) pgs 411-413 (Attached here and others sent via email)”Galatians”  – LBC pgs 499-515

(Some Attached here and others sent via email)Answer the following questions from the assigned readings in the Lutheran Bible Companion.

These questions come straight from the readings so be sure to base your answers on the reading but put them into your own words.  Epistles of Paul

1. Describe Paul’s background history, origins, and upbringing.2. Explain how Paul went from being a Christian persecutor to Christian preacher and author. the Epistles of Paul

3. Describe the importance of Paul’s letters to the development of Christianity and how Paul’s writings made their way into the Christian church. Epistles of Paul

4. Who were the Judaizers and why was Paul so concerned about them in his letter to the Galatians?5. Explain the “three-pronged” attack that the Judaizers used against Paul. Epistles of Paul

6. What specific doctrines are outlined in the book of Galatians?

the epistles of paul
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